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Developing new products is a prerequisite to success. Aussie Fare has helped many companies develop their concept into  a reality.

Product development, from it’s concept stage can be broken down into four main components:

- Market Analysis
- Design
- Detailing
- Production

Aussie Fare can assist in each stage of this process:

Market Analysis: Within the snack food industry, Aussie Fare has a 10,000 outlet strong charity distribution business which provides snack foods to workplaces. This market is an ideal platform to trial and collate feedback on new products.

Design: Aussie Fare has many packaging design associates that can create or improve ideas and concepts that will enhance the strengths of new products.

Detailing: Once a design has been  created, the next step to accomplish, is to ensure the production of the products, is both effective and cost efficient.

Aussie Fare has the experience and no how to create or improve the detailing of a product, inclusive of: allergen warnings, ingredients listings, best before or use by coding, bar code printing, product displays and transportation efficiencies.

Production: Aussie Fare has a wide range of products it can source from Australian Snack Food manufacturers. If required, Aussie Fare can source such products or have  products tailored to a customers requirements.

We can also ensure the packaging and manufacturing process is carried out in the most cost effective manner.

By using Aussie Fare to help source and / or develop your concept you will be ensuring the keys to a successful product are met:

- Best possible price point
- Compliance
- Quality
- Design
- Reliability